Covid 19 Resources

Covid Resources
As much of the country begins the slow process of reopening after quarantine, there are many concerns families will face related to COVID-19, returning to school, and coping with the coronavirus on-top-of pediatric cancer and other critical illnesses.   Here are some helpful resources and books that offer advice, information and inspiration.

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Coalition
Information on current supportive resources for adolescents and young adult cancer patients and survivors.

Behind my Mask: A Super Kid Self-Portrait!
by: Cassie Stephens
An elementary art teacher blog with art projects and lessons, DIY projects and outfit photos as well as clothing I have made myself.

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook – available in 7 languages
Holistic, fluff-free and beautifully designed self-help, therapy and coaching tools. Browse our free tools library today!

Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso
Parenting in Pandemic Mode: Mindfulness for Parents and Kids

How to Cope With the Chronic Stress of COVID- 19
Digging Deep is a support community offering advice & inspiration for parents and providers working with chronically ill and medically complex young people.

Masks and New Routines
Helping Children with Special Needs During COVID-19

Sesame Street Monster Meditation
Play 123 Freeze with Elmo and his friend Mr. Andy from Headspace! This game is a special Monster Meditation that can help you when you’re feeling disappointed, like when things don’t work out the way you planned. 

St. Jude Children’s Hospital
How to Talk to Your Child About Coronavirus and COVID-19

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Should you send kids to in-person school during COVID-19? 4 things cancer patients and caregivers should consider

Zenimal Bringing Mindfulness to life
The Zenimal™ Mindfulness Blog delivers helpful advice and resources on how mindfulness and meditation can benefit anyone, anywhere.

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