Holiday Adopt-A-Family
You can help our children celebrate the holidays by fulfilling a child’s wish list. You can purchase one gift for one child or several gifts. And if you don’t have a lot of time, we welcome cash donations and we’ll do the shopping for you. To participate, email Denise Tredwell or call (914) 617-4052. 

Birthday Presents

Every child looks forward to their special day. We provide age-appropriate gifts for every child in the family, so that birthdays remain a happy occasion even in the midst of illness. This takes one additional burden off the shoulders of parents, who want only to stay by their child’s side.

Our birthday wish list shows which items are most popular with our children. You can also make a cash donation and we’ll do the shopping!

Our Back-to-School program enables our ill children and their siblings to start the school year with new school supplies from their own school’s list and a gift card to get something new to wear.