Sibling Quilt

  • The Children’s Hope Chest funded 3 workshops for siblings in which they created a sibling quilt (one of which is pictured above). They met with an expressive arts therapist and designed personal quilt squares. 
  • Volunteers of the Northern Star Quilters Guild pieced the distinctive squares together and the children presented their quilt to their parents at the final workshop.
  • The Adina's Angels Fund at Friends of Karen is named in memory of Adina Berkowitz, who lost her battle with leukemia at the age of 17. Justin, Adina's 20-year-old brother, passed away suddenly only two weeks before Adina. This fund is dedicated to helping siblings of critically-ill children, who often get lost in the shuffle because the ill child is the focus of so much attention. Click here for more information.
  • We owe great thanks to the far-sighted contributors to the Danny's Fund campaign for providing the vital seed funding for our Sibling Support program.
  • The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation recently gave a generous grant in support of Friends of Karen's Sibling Support program, recognizing the critical need it fulfills. This gift enabled us to transform the program by hiring a full-time Expressive Arts Therapist. Thanks to the IICF, we now have the capacity to serve more children who will benefit from this program.

For information on how you can help, contact Executive Director Judith Factor at 914-617-4041.

Sibling Sisters

Sibling Support

Sibling Support
Sibling Support

Children’s lives are turned upside down when their brother or sister is diagnosed with cancer. These children often become the “forgotten ones” when parents are overwhelmed with the intense treatment and care of their sick child.

Friends of Karen’s goal is to help young siblings build personal strength and the ability to cope with the immense challenges of living with a seriously ill brother or sister.

  • Friends of Karen’s sibling support program is designed to offer early intervention.
  • Expressive arts therapists – specifically trained in the fields of illness, bereavement and loss – work individually or in small groups with siblings most in need of support.
  • Through the various arts (painting, music, dance, drama, puppets, journaling or another art form of the child’s choice), the expressive arts therapist enables the child to identify feelings and fears, and find effective ways to cope.
  • A unique aspect of the program is that the expressive arts therapist travels to the family’s home (a comfortable and safe place for the child) and, when necessary, to the hospital. Sometimes, the arts therapist works with the sick child as well, and guides the parents in fostering family dialogue on feelings and fears.
  • We created the SMART Bag to help families communicate.


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