My handsome hero greeted me with his usual smile. We set off on a rather familiar ride to Philadelphia. As we sat waiting, Luke and I spoke about exactly what was going to happen during the visit. Luke was so excited when we started to talk about getting the IV. He had heard about this. He spoke about IV Legos and began to ramble about his time with Melissa. Shortly after, Luke and I sat on the hospital bed side by side. I had flashbacks of pinning him down kicking and screaming and wondering... is he in pain?... is he scared?... will he hate me and blame me for putting him through this?... My little boy took a couple of deep breaths, told the nurse which arm he wanted and took that IV like the hero he is. This time my job was to hold his hand and make sure I didn't squeeze too tight. Next stop...CT scan. Luke started to talk about x-rays. Where did he learn this word too?... Thank you Melissa! 
Here we are back on 3East. We saw our favorite nurse Deb. I am seeing the same rooms and traveling through this hospital but seeing everything for the first time. So many frightening things happened last time that I think we were in a daze most of the time. Today was a day to prepare. Yet you can never be prepared to hear the most horrific things that could happen to your child. I have the most special, perfect little boy to call my son. There isn't anything that will change that.


Submitted by Judith Factor on February 16, 2017 - 5:42pm

Luke is indeed a hero - and so is MOM. Wishing them well in their journey.