After...All of our afters are over. After the new school year...After the holidays...After Disney....we will accept that this is happening. It is happening and we still do not want to accept it. Last week we went to Disney. It was Luke's wish. Our family was given time together to laugh in this magical land. For this moment in time the horrible realities that we have faced over the last five years were hidden. They were hidden by kisses from princesses, rides on the Log Flume and Jedi training. Luke was able to fight Darth Vader instead of this horrible disease. We have been refueled with strength as we set to begin this frightening journey. This week I looked at each of our everyday tasks that usually seem monotonous, through a magnifying glass. I savored every moment, because you truly appreciate things when you don't have them. I saw the long nights of dinner, baths and bedtime as glorious moments of time together laughing and playing. I will miss those moments terribly when we are separated over the next months. We worked hard on preparing for Luke's last day at school. What do we call this? He is not leaving because he wants to. I asked him if he knew why we were having a "party." He had no idea. We have discussed it many times, but his little five year old brain could not settle on the reality. I told him again we are leaving to go to the hospital so we are saying "see you soon" to your friends. When I asked him how that made him feel...."sad, I will miss my friends."

For now I will continue pulling out towels, sheets, clothes and all of the many things we will need to be living in a hospital and hotel and every day until Tuesday I will hold my babies extra tight and celebrate every moment. 


Submitted by KHenn22 on March 6, 2017 - 11:50am

Adorable pictures. God bless you all.