October 25, 2013

Meet Sasha
October 2, 2013

Sasha will be ten years old next month and is really looking forward to a special birthday celebration.  She explained that birthdays are a really big deal in her family and...

Meet Mariarose
July 19, 2013

Mariarose is ten years old and her younger brother is in treatment for leukemia.  She is also the creator of our Friends of Karen “Advice to Siblings.”  After traveling on this...

From Siblings, For Siblings
July 19, 2013

1. There are lots of healthy ways to let out strong emotions.  Try:

  • Dancing
  • Saying out loud and proud, “I am awesome!”
  • Sing while listening to loud
  • ...
Be Part of Our Circle of Friends
April 11, 2013

Our Circle of Friends recognizes Friends of Karen's most generous donors and honors their commitment to our families.   ...

Share Your Wish
March 22, 2013

Share Your Wish was inspired by parents who saw a way to teach children about the virtues of generosity and selflessness. Share Your Wish enables parents to simultaneously reduce...

The Dimes Project
March 1, 2013

Meghan loved playing soccer, shopping for clothes, and hanging out with friends. She was a fun-loving and courageous teen.


Join Our Monthly Visionary Club
November 26, 2012

Giving each month is a simple, thoughtful and visionary way to help us provide the vital support so desperately needed by every family caring for a child battling a life-...

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Children's Corporate Challenge Golf & Tennis Classic
June 28, 2012

Come to beautiful Sleepy Hollow Country Club (Scarborough, NY) and play where the pros play. 

And for those who prefer...

Share Your Wish
October 27, 2011

Share Your Wish was inspired by parents who saw a way to teach children about the virtues of...

Quote - Sofia's Mom
August 10, 2011
Four Facts You Should Know About Friends of Karen
July 29, 2011

Why support Friends of Karen?  What do we do that’s different from what other organizations do?  Who have we helped?

  1. We provide unparalleled support – We are the only
  2. ...
Family Support Program
July 26, 2011
Friends of Karen’s experience has proven that families can remain stable and functioning even while caring for a child with a life-threatening illness. 
We carefully...
Our Wish List for Birthday and Holiday Gifts
July 12, 2011

We are always very grateful for your donation of:

  • Gift cards to Amazon, Old
  • ...
July 10, 2011
How to donate stock
July 6, 2011

Electronic transfer: For securities held in an account managed by an outside company, it is the donor’s responsibility to ensure that his/her broker completes the gift transfer....

Who We Serve
June 30, 2011
Friends of Karen serves families with a child (newborn through age 21) who has been diagnosed with and is actively in treatment for cancer or another life-threatening illness, who is a U.S....