Who We Serve
June 30, 2011
Friends of Karen serves families with a child (newborn through age 21) who has been diagnosed with and is actively in treatment for cancer or another life-threatening illness, who is a U.S....
The Adina's Angels Fund at Friends of Karen
June 23, 2011

How do you go on after the unimaginable happens?  In February 2010, Paula Berkowitz’s husband died of non-smoker’s lung cancer.  A few months later, her son Justin died unexpectedly.  Just two...

May 27, 2011


Privacy Policy
May 23, 2011

Friends of Karen Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

May 23, 2011

Friends of Karen is committed to the highest standard of public accountability and transparency. We are recognized for achieving this goal by two independent organizations that monitor U.S....

Our Founding Story
May 23, 2011

Friends of Karen began with an act of kindness.

In 1978, 16-year-old Karen MacInnes was terminally ill with Lafora disease, a rare genetic disorder. She’d been in a New...
Vision, Mission and Core Values
May 23, 2011


Every child with a life-threatening illness, and his or her family, will have all that they need to keep them stable, functioning and able to cope.


Host a Local Event
May 23, 2011

Whether at your job or in your own back yard, there are so many opportunities to host an event to benefit Friends of Karen. ...

May 23, 2011

Our volunteers come in all sizes: children, teens, young professionals, retirees, and all ages in between. We even have multi-generational families who volunteer! We’ll match your time and talents...

Get Involved
May 23, 2011

Friends of Karen volunteers come in all ages and sizes. Our volunteers are children, teenagers, baby boomers, seniors and all ages in between. We even have multi-generational...

Sheila Petersen Legacy of Giving Circle
May 23, 2011

When you include Friends of Karen in your estate plan, you continue to make a difference, well into the future, for our children and their families.

Gifts like this are...

Corporate Sponsorship
May 23, 2011

Friends of Karen is proud to have the support and confidence of many businesses in our communities. Through the generosity of our...

Donating Stock
May 23, 2011

The gift of an appreciated asset is a powerful way to support Friends of Karen. While this giving strategy may have tax benefits for you, the most important benefit is the...

Gifts in Kind
May 23, 2011

We depend on in-kind gifts of goods and services, as well as donations, to help our families make ends meet. For many of our children and their families, these items are truly necessities...

Ways to Donate
May 23, 2011
Thank you for supporting Friends of Karen. Your donation is the much needed help for hundreds of families each year caring for a child battling cancer or another life-threatening illness....
Ways to Give
May 23, 2011

Friends of Karen depends on donations from individuals, foundations, community organizations and businesses. Please become part of our lifeline of direct support to families living through...

For Health Professionals
May 20, 2011

As our partner in helping families, health professionals are key to identifying families who may be eligible for Friends of Karen assistance. Here’s our process:

  1. A hospital
  2. ...
Guidelines For Family Assistance
May 20, 2011

If your child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, your whole world has just been turned upside down. Friends of Karen can help guide you through the maze of...