17th Annual Journey of the Heart Bike Tour
April 29, 2021

Join riders for an awesome bike ride through Connecticut’s countryside for Friends of Karen’s 17th Annual Journey of the Heart Bike Tour.  The ride will raise funds to support hundreds of families...

Non-Profit Supporting Critically-Ill Children Names Leslie Bellissimo New Regional Director
April 19, 2021

NORTH SALEM, NY, April 19, 2021 -- Friends of Karen, an organization that provides support for critically-ill children and their families, has appointed Leslie A. Bellissimo as...

A Big Sister Finds Comfort through Support
April 14, 2021

At the end of 2019, Eden, now four, suddenly started to have difficulty walking and complained of pain to her mother, Victoria. Victoria took Eden to the hospital where it was determined the three...

Brick Pathway Dedication, Phase II1
April 13, 2021

Thank you for your participation in Friends of Karen’s Brick Pathway of Compassion and Hope. We hope you’ll enjoy watching our virtual brick dedication presentation.

Finding New Opportunities to Heal in Difficult Times
April 13, 2021

The term resilience is an area of the health field focusing on people coming back from adversity due to disease or trauma. The ability to bounce back from a setback defines those who are best able...

A Family Builds Resilience Together
April 12, 2021

Tova was a happy three-year-old toddler enjoying a family vacation when her father, Gedalia, noticed her smile was suddenly crooked. By the time they returned home to Rockland County, New York...

Spring Newsletter 2021
April 12, 2021
Sibling Day 2021
April 9, 2021
Today we celebrate the very special bond of support, friendship and love shared between siblings. Siblings are most often our very first friends, at times our rivals and sparring partners - but...
Siblings Adelin & Josniel
March 11, 2021
Little Fighter
Each of us have a story and each family at Friends of Karen has a remarkable one. The siblings we work with are often the unsung heroes; providing joy...
Social Work Month - Beth
March 4, 2021

We break barriers because we care about families, children, siblings, grandparents, cousins, Aunt, uncles, friends, and community.  Our mission breaks the barriers that many don’t know exist. ...

Social Work Month - Natalia
March 2, 2021

We break barriers by ensuring that every family that reaches out for assistance is helped based on their present needs following the diagnosis.

Social Work Month - Jackie
March 2, 2021

Being a bilingual social worker helps break barriers to care to the non-English speaking families as they open up more when they hear you speak their language as it makes them feel comfortable.

Social Work Month - Marla
March 2, 2021

As a social worker, I have tried to be more accessible to parents and children and have made more practical suggestions about how to cope with this overload of stress and anxiety. I continue to create more ways to support and encourage families to survive the days and to support them in their decisions about treatment, finances and family.

Social Work Month - Rhonda
March 1, 2021

At FOK, we provide free access to licensed professionals who are trained and skilled in providing excellent emotional support to families living with a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Social Work Month
February 23, 2021
March is National Social Work Month. Friends of Karen social workers tirelessly commit their time and energy to help critically ill children and their families by easing the social, emotional...
How to Apply for Help
February 2, 2021

When you learn the shocking news that your child is seriously ill, a million emotions and practical problems hit you all at once.

Friends of Karen has guided families through this

Sibling Spotlight: Erin
February 1, 2021
A birthday is a very special day and it becomes even more important for siblings of ill children.  They often struggle with getting less attention from parents and not receiving gifts like their...
Superhero Challenge
January 13, 2021

Be a superhero to children like Benjamin. Run or walk 2.021 miles to 20.21 miles to help brave children like Benjamin endure their toughest days. Children like Benjamin and his family need you by...

Long Island Walk/Run Marathon 3 Day Event - closed
January 6, 2021

"Being here with my own family is a wonderful way to assist people in our local communities." - Norm, New York City

Join our Friends of Karen Walk/Run team this year, knowing every step you...

Meet Chelsey
December 30, 2020
My name is Jane. I’m an art therapist and a member of the Sibling Support Specialists team. In this new year, I am grateful that we can continue to offer services to our families. Instead of in...