Mom's Introduction
February 14, 2017
When Luke was a couple of months old we began a journey. We could never have imagined the fight that was coming our way. After several trips in and out of the hospital, Luke was diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disease. CGD is an immune disease. Luke’s immune system is unable to fight bacteria and fungus. The only cure for him is a bone marrow transplant.
CBS News Story
February 14, 2017
Watch this video clip to see Luke and his family and learn more about their unique situation. This is a news story about Luke and his family that aired on CBS News in November 2015. Dr. Max Gomez reports.
February Sibling(s) of the Month
February 13, 2017
Happy Valentine’s Day! This month we are celebrating all of our Friends of Karen siblings for the love and support they provide to one another. We invited many of them to create a valentine, offer a...
Meet Luke
February 11, 2017
We have a very unique opportunity to get to know and follow one brave little Friends of Karen child and his family. Luke just turned 5 years old in December and is currently in Pre-K. His mom, Nicole, is a teacher, his dad, John, works in sales, and he has a little sister, Grace, who is just a year and a half old. Luke and his family live in Rockland County, NY. They are a happy, unremarkable family, but for one thing… Luke is about to go through a bone marrow transplant (the 2nd in his short life).
More Time to Love
January 30, 2017
Friends of Karen founder, Sheila Petersen's aim was to give families with seriously ill children "more time to love." You can't imagine how life changes in an instant for these families when they...
November Sibling(s) of the Month
November 22, 2016
Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for families...
Annual Giving
November 21, 2016
Magdalena and her daughter, Victoria, are journeying the 3 year treatment of childhood leukemia. Caring for a child with a life-threatening illness is a frightening ordeal, but hundreds of families...
November 11, 2016
Be part of something so meaningful and life-changing! When beautiful Katrina was diagnosed with leukemia at age 10, her family's world was turned upside-down. Thanks to friends like you, Friends of...
Conozcan a Dashley y a DJ
November 11, 2016
Los hermanos del mes de Noviembre – Friends of Karen Dashley fue diagnosticada con un tumor cerebral en Junio del 2015, a la edad de 7 años. DJ es su hermano mayor y tiene 11 años. Ellos también...
November 3, 2016
Thanksgiving is just around the corner – a special time for most families. But if your child has cancer or another life-threatening illness, the holiday just isn’t the same. Life may be spinning out...
Lionel's Story
November 1, 2016
There's a reason Lionel Li was awarded the Friends of Karen Hero Award at our Tribeca Rooftop Gala on September 22 in NYC. What child, struggling with cancer himself, gives up a trip to Disneyland in...
Meet Dashley and DJ
October 17, 2016
Siblings of the Month Read Spanish Version Dashley was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June of 2015 when she was 7 years old. DJ, her older brother, is 11. They also have a two year old baby brother...