Watch the video above to find out more about our Back to School Program.
It's almost Back to School for our Friends of Karen children. With your help, more than 850 special children will have school supplies and new clothing to begin the school year happily and successfully. 
Friends of Karen supports families who are struggling to stay afloat financially and emotionally while caring for their child with a life-threatening illness. Parents tell us how shattering it is to go into a store and see healthy children - so excited about the new year - choosing their school supplies while their own child is in the hospital, uncertain about what the next day will bring. Parents agonize between buying new school supplies for their "well" children or paying their ill child's mounting medical expenses. Imagine being faced with that decision.
When you participate in the Friends of Karen Back to School Program, you help provide parents peace of mind and their children will be prepared for school and feel well taken care of and secure. Your support makes all the difference. We plan to give every child a gift card towards clothing, as well as a backpack filled with school supplies. We need $25 gift cards to Target, Forever 21, Macy's, The Gap, Old Navy and Staples, in addition to all the items on the wish list that you can view by clicking here. If you'd prefer not to shop, we gratefully accept cash contributions and we'll do the shopping for you! And another great way to give back to Friends of Karen children and families is to purchase your items through the Amazon link on the homepage of this website. Just scroll down to the bottom and click on the Amazon logo. Friends of Karen will receive a percentage donation from Amazon. 
Remember that good feeling of heading back to school wearing a new outfit and carrying your crisp notebooks and sharpened pencils? You can give Friends of Karen's children that same wonderful feeling of anticipation and hope with your kindness and generosity. Many thanks for your help.
All items should be dropped off or mailed to Friends of Karen, 118 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560If you have questions or would like to drop off donations at our NYC or Long Island offices, please contact Denise Tredwell at (914) 617-4052 or