September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Friends of Karen joins in this mission to raise awareness of childhood cancers and their impact on children and their families.

"Go Gold" and a gold ribbon symbolize childhood cancer awareness across the country this month. But Friends of Karen is there for families who are faced with the heartbreaking words, "Your child has cancer," 365 days a year, not just in September. That's why our motto is "Always Gold." 

Every year, thousands of children across America are diagnosed with cancer which, despite great advances in medicine, remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15. "Your child has cancer." Those are words that no parent is prepared to hear. Friends of Karen is there for them every step of the way, but we need your help too. 


Make a donation to Friends of Karen's Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign and show your support to families with a child diagnosed with cancer. And, maybe your company even has a program to match your gift. Click here to make a donation.

Become a volunteer any time of the year. You will be helping families with a child diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening illness. The holidays are just around the corner and we can use your help for our Adopt-A-Family Program. Click here for more information or contact Denise Tredwell at or (914) 617-4052.

Organize a day at your school or workplace to advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Wear gold, dress down, make ribbons, collect coins for cancer, have a coloring book drive for kids with cancer, host a Cool-Off for Childhood Cancer beverage stand or think of your own creative way to show support and care toward children battling cancer. For more information, contact Gwen Salmo at or (914) 617-4051.

Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram! Keep connected, learn more about our Friends of Karen children and their families, and engage with others who are connecting and sharing for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And add a Friends of Karen Frame to your Facebook profile picture. Just click "edit profile photo," "add frame" and search for Friends of Karen Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Share information about Friends of Karen with your family and friends and let them know about the work we do with families who have a child diagnosed with cancer (or another life-threatening illness) in the NY Tri-State area. 

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