I can't help but compare last time and this time. When he was a baby it was so hard. Watching every single move he made to be sure he didn't tug on a wire. Holding him down for countless blood draws and orals. Never knowing how he is feeling and guessing what he was thinking...but nothing, I  mean nothing, is as bad as looking into his eyes like I am right now only to see the sadness that has taken over his body. In that moment we both cried but could not say anything. I can feel his confusion...his anger...his hurt and I can't take that away and he isn't even "sick" yet!  
Thank you Friends of Karen for the distractions. Luke tried out everything inside the box you gave him. He loved making snakes and lizards with the green play doh. We did get many smiles, giggles and lots of satisfaction out of Luke when he beat John and I at Monster Matching! He loved this game, Melissa! ... pictures with different moods - how perfect! 


Submitted by JanielleZKova on March 9, 2017 - 11:31pm

What an incredible little soul he is. As much as he's going to break your heart, he's also going to be your strength. Love you tons.