Everything could change in the blink of an eye. Two days ago we were racing to the hospital in a panic. Today we are leaving the hospital and dancing in the parking lot over the unimaginable news that we just heard. Tonight we will be sleeping in our own beds in our own house as a family...We are going home! 

We are not quite sure how we pulled this off?!? After meeting with the doctors this morning they explained that because Luke was fever free and nothing grew in the culture they were not worried at this point about Sunday's happenings. Their reasoning for sending us home lies in the fact that the broviac was removed. The broviac is the most likely cause of the bacterial blood infections that are so dangerous. Dr. Bunin and the team are in agreement. They have an emergency plan in effect and they require that we return once a week and follow all of the rules of isolation. 

We can't help but compare our experience with Luke's first transplant to our current journey. According to our calculations, we were in Philadelphia for 38 more days the first time around...he did not get his broviac removed until the end of August. Different is great...especially today!...and hopefully most importantly when measuring the success of the transplant. This isn't over yet but we are one step closer!

We often wonder how we will ever be able to thank everyone for being there for us in so many countless ways. I know that with every thought, every word, every prayer and each act of generosity a blanket of love formed and stretched across to us in Philadelphia. Each time, our hearts swelled and our hope and strength grew. You are "Team Luke" and we couldn't be happier to share this special moment with you. Thank you! xoxo