How could you not smile when you wake up to a little voice saying "cock-a-doodle-doo?" Despite the fact that Luke doesn't feel well he always wakes up with a smile on his face. He is starting to develop sores from the mucositis. While Luke has continued to eat a bit despite the nausea, he can't even get a sip of water down now. The nurses say that certain things may have a different taste. Nurse Chrissy came up with a great idea. Those of you who know Luke...know what a big deal this is (Luke only eats certain things and he is VERY particular!). We had a taste test to try and get him to drink something new. It was shocking to me that he participated, regardless, he did NOT like any of them!

The days are busy. Today Luke had PT. He did well but he saw how his body was different than it used to be. He wanted so badly to be able to move without a train of tubes attached to him and me saying "careful Luke" every 30 seconds. Luke painted a ceramic bank that he was excited about and now he adds money to it when he takes his medicine easily. Luke has done a great job blocking out home. He has only brought it up a handful of times. He asked to speak to his "best buddy Kieran" and his cousin Mikey today. He told them he loved them. It is heartbreaking to hear his heart speak. I knew what he was feeling all along but to hear it...uh!

Luke has been a warrior. He is fighting the pain and he doesn’t have the words to expain that. What he does have is sadness. He broke down today out of frustration, weakness and exhaustion. His little lower lip came out and he cried the saddest cry. We hugged so tightly and like dominoes I cried and so did my mom. We just needed to take his pain away and we couldn’t. His numbers are at zero and his body is fighting. Here we go again...Grow cells grow!