The last two nights Luke was complaining of being itchy. The doctors gave him Benadryl. Luke has never had any problems with Benadryl but now it seemed to cause him problems sleeping. He tossed all around the bed and tried scratching into his broviac site. The conclusion was finalized as a reaction to the HCG. We had to use the wipes all over at night and there was an HCG patch on his dressing at the site.  The dressing was changed to one without HCG and we now have to use an antibacterial wash instead of the wipes. The doctors also believe he was reacting to the pain but did not know how to verbalize what he was feeling. They started him on morphine and added the PCA for him to press if he needs it.  I explained the PCA pump to him and we discussed the pain scale: 1 (no pain) to 5 (a lot of pain) using smile faces. He said, "Mommy, press the number 4 button." He was in more pain than we realized. He has just been taking it like a Super Hero!

Yesterday Luke was given two transfusions. He was given hemoglobin and platelets. It was a tough day for him overall. Amazingly he still wants to eat but struggles to get much down. He opened up 15 vanilla wafers and scraped the cream out of the center. After a long afternoon nap, Luke went for a cruise down the halls of 3 East. This was the same little path I drove my baby around in a red wagon 4 years ago. At this moment Luke was happy...and so were we.

Meanwhile back in NY...Grace is at school. She is receiving so much love from all of her amazing teachers at TLC and spending quality time with Zia and Dad. I know she is in PERFECT hands but it doesn't help me miss her any less. We will be together again soon! 



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