"What!? ..my hair"!!  For the last two days Luke had hair all over his sheets, pillowcase, in his eyes and in his mouth; however, when he looked in the mirror he was shocked to see that he had NO hair. I think he was half upset until I told him he looked just like Dad. He now wears his Caillou hair style proudly. 

Luke’s numbers have continued to rise. We have noticed a more active Luke. He fidgets in his bed but still gets tired just walking back from the playroom. His mind still wants him to do more than his body is ready for. He did get a chance to kick a soccer ball with PT and he was thrilled! We have currently added another task to our day. We must have daily coloring competitions and some how Luke always wins. The nurses love how colorful his work is! 

We have already overcome so much. It seems like ages ago we arrived here at the start of our journey.  We were angry and petrified. (It has only been three weeks!) I hold onto the advice that Melissa, Luke’s child life specialist with Friends of Karen,  gave me. She told me to give Luke the information he needed to make him feel like he had some control. Understanding was necessary for Luke and this guidance allowed me to support him. Thank you Melissa!

Currently Luke's diet consists of Pirate's Booty and the cream inside of the Oreo cookie! Sadly, this is a good thing. 

Luke's heart rate was high yesterday. This could mean several things. It settled down today and the doctors are not sure what caused it. Overall they are happy with how he presents and so are we. Luke, every second I am amazed at how brave you are. You have accepted this challenge and you speak with your smile. "I can do it!" I hear you Lukey! You are doing it!!