Luke is not only a fighter, he is a lover and a charmer. He reached over, hugged me and smiled while whispering in my ear..."You are my hero." (This is something I say to him all the time.) We argued back and forth..."No, you are MY hero!" Luke you suffer in many ways, you tackle your fears head on, you never complain, you  never give up, you make us stronger, YOU are our HERO!! (I win..ha! ha!) 

Yesterday, my little buddy was not himself. We are not sure if being woken up by doctors pushing, poking, looking and touching set him off into a bad mood or if he was not feeling well.  Luke wasn't talking yesterday so we spent a lot of time guessing. When we ask him about his pain, he often points to the green smile face (no pain). We uncovered that my little crowd pleaser was in pain but thought we would be happy if he was not in pain. Uh...Luke we never, ever want you to be in pain but we want to know so we can help you get the right medicine. It is possible that his body was hurting and tired because of all the cells coming in...ANC 250 yesterday and 490 today. Yayy! The cells go right to where the problems are and get right to work. This explains why he wouldn't feel so great at first. They also lowered the amount of morphine he was getting continuously. Needless to say,  this is good because the cells are growing!! I know, too, that Luke will be getting the best medicine shortly, Dad! ... and I get to see my baby girl!!