We are at the top of the ferris wheel dangling and rocking. The last time I was actually in this position...I cried.  I was  afraid of being up so high and I was afraid Luke would slip out under the bar. I hated not having control over our safety.  Luke still remembers mom crying on the ferris wheel. He is a thrill seeker. The higher and faster the better. "It's ok Mom." How ironic...my little boy comforting me. He always has a way of handling things. 

We are at the top of the ferris wheel again. Dangling as we wait to hear and see what each new day will bring. Everything around us continues to rock and, again, I fear what is uncertain. I know that while we are up here...we have to make our way down. It seems as though that is where we are headed.

The doctors are pleased with the rise in platelets and what we thought was going to be mission impossible actually went very well. Luke had his NG tube placed yesterday. Thank you Nurse Deb! You have always given Luke the best care. A special thanks also to Luke's new buddy, Carlos (he named him) for giving Luke the ins and outs of the giant piece of spaghetti in his nose. By the end of the night Luke was also naming the pet keeping his cheek company...by morning Luke was thrilled to learn that "Duke" could take his medicine for him.

All in all, the sun is peeking through all of the rain that has been pouring down. The sky is looking brighter. Luke is walking in the halls using the force to open the "magic" doors and our ferris wheel car has made a move downward. HOPE lives here! 

Luke with "Carlos" and "Duke"