One moment disguised amongst a mountain of fear is enough to let us know how truly blessed we are. On Saturday, Luke came undone. He was overtired. He was upset that John had to leave...but most of all...the emotions that have been hiding inside every piece of him came pouring out. He was sad and angry all at once. He, for the first time, was truly inconsolable. He cried himself to sleep.

When we woke him up two hours later (he needs a shower each night), he had regrouped. We went on with the night doing mouth care until Luke got sick and out came his NG tube. Buster, Luke's new fish pal now adorns his cheek. Redo!! Needless to say, we were happy to end that day. 

Up until now, Luke and Grace have been apart. They have had an occasional wave through the window but the risk of more was too high. Yesterday, I asked Luke if he wanted to come out with a mask. His responses waiver so we are never sure what to expect. This moment could not have been planned. Luke bounced up and practically jumped through the door. He adores her. He gazed at her and beamed all over. In his world, in that instant, life was perfect. The time was magical...and I was frozen in this blessed moment. 

There is talk of the next phase on the horizon. If all goes as planned we may be closing the door to 3 East and moving to our stepping stone. I can feel that air little buddy...