The weeks are passing and we find ourselves waiting for Tuesdays to come.  Now, every other Tuesday we make our biweekly trip to Philadelphia to meet with the doctors. They take Luke’s blood to check his numbers. The last two visits left us with a long ride back to New York analyzing the doctor’s reaction as they told us Luke’s numbers had dropped. The doctors are not in the business of keeping anything from us…and if and when they are worried we will know, however, we have been down this road before and any news that is not glowing is scary. Currently, we are waiting to hear what percentage of Luke’s cells are Grace’s. If this number is good then we can breathe a sigh of relief. We also had a little trip to the doctor to rule out any concerns as Luke was fighting a cold/cough. Gratefully, his lungs were clear and a couple of days of rest gave him the strength he needed to fight Darth Vader again! 

We celebrated our little hero in disguise this week. Grace turned 2 on June 2nd. Just to keep things exciting, we had a trip to the emergency room to treat her for a reaction to egg. She has an egg allergy (FPIES) and we still cannot figure out what happened. After yet another scary night, Grace is ok. Thank you, Friends of Karen, for the surprise gifts for Grace. She was thrilled to tear into that paper and I wasn’t sure what to do with my time while Luke and Grace sat quietly building together.

Only time will tell how successful this graft will be. (I may just have to invest in a Magic 8 ball in the meantime.) The waiting is hard. The unknown is frightening. Luke’s charming smile and now fuzzy little head are all we need to believe. We believe we will win this fight!