Weekends in the hospital are always a bit sad. There is something about the weekday hustle and bustle that makes everything come alive. There was a lot of back and forth with the two little ones that brought on welcome distraction. Luke enjoyed "Dad time" and lots of Star Wars games and conversation. While the girls spent time playing babies and giving lots of tight squeezes. The doctors say Luke is in the  "honeymoon" phase. It did feel that way. He continues to throw up but, overal, he was in good spirits. He has accepted the challenge and taken it head on. His sweet loving personality is back even in the light of pain...and the doctors think he is "so cute and doing a great job." We lay our heads down each night with a smile. We have more love and support than we could ever dream of. 

Thank you for every thought, text, comment, call and special surprise. Thank you to our friends, family, community and Friends of Karen. We would be playing a different game if you were not on our side. xoxo
Good wishes from Luke's classmates.