How Meghan Inspired A Gift for Families

Meghan loved playing soccer, shopping for clothes, and hanging out with friends. She was a fun-loving and courageous teen.

One day soon after she lost her battle with cancer, her family found a dime on the sidewalk. Then they started finding dimes all the time, and they remembered the idea of ‘pennies from heaven,’ that when you find a penny it means that a loved one who is gone is thinking of you. But they used to tease Meghan about being ‘high maintenance,’ so they said, “That’s just like Meghan, she wouldn’t do ‘pennies from heaven,’ she’d do dimes!”

This kept happening, and Meghan’s family had an inspiration. “Life can turn on a dime,” they said, and they decided to do something about it: every time they found a dime, they put it in a special jar. When they got around to counting it, they had $76 in dimes!  They donated it to Friends of Karen in Meghan’s honor to help other families like theirs.

You can be part of Meghan’s inspiration: collect dimes from your friends, neighbors and family to help sick children and their families.  Here’s how:

  • Choose your timeframe – It could be the fall term of school or the months leading up to your birthday or another special occasion.
  • Set your dollar goal – This is really important!  You’ll be surprised how it can motivate and inspire you.
  • Create your jar – A big jar is best and you can decorate it any way you like to attract attention (and dimes)!
  • Decide where to put your jar – In a store? At your school? On your kitchen counter?  You may want to make a sign, or ask us for copies of this card to hand out. 
  • Count your collection – You can get paper rollers or use a coin counting machine (many banks have them).  Once you have a total, call us to arrange your delivery.  

If you would like help getting started, contact Denise Tredwell or call her at (914) 617-4052. On Long Island and Queens, contact Patricia Conway or (631) 473-1768 ext.3.  Thank you!

To make a tax-deductible contribution, visit our secure donation page and select "Meghan and the Dimes Project" from the This Gift Is For menu.  Thank you!