Meet Crosby: Crosby is part of the Sibling Support Program at Friends of Karen and meets with our Sibling Support Specialist Jane. Crosby’s sister Deysi, age 5, had Leukemia and passed away earlier this year. In their latest session, Crosby and Jane discuss how things have changed and how he keeps his sister’s memory alive.  
Crosby is 8 years old and in the third grade.  He loves to collect figures of little dragons and play with remote control cars.  Most days after school he is found playing soccer or basketball.  Crosby stays active and does many things but sometimes he still gets sad.  He says “It's okay to be sad, and its okay to be happy and sad at the same time. Sometimes that happens when I’m doing something I like and then think about Deysi.” Deysi is his sister, she died and Crosby misses her very much.  I asked Crosby if he would share some things about his life because other kids and parents can learn about what it is like to have a brother or sister that dies.  
What is your favorite memory of Deysi?
Deysi used to help me do things. When I was sad she would comfort me.  She couldn’t talk but she would show me in other ways. 
What do you miss most about Deysi?
I miss her playing with me.  Now I put her picture next to a toy she liked to play with and then we play together like that.
What else do you do to feel close to Deysi?
Mom and I pray every night together.  I also look at pictures of her and watch videos of her. 
I remember when it happened you had many questions. What was that like?
I didn’t understand what happened when she died.  You and I read books and we answered many questions. 
What else do we do when we meet?
We talk about Deysi and make art and play games.  This is art for Deysi. It is little things that remind me of Deysi. Her favorite drink, Arizona tea.  Bubble wrap is there because when she was a baby I would give it to her and pop it.  This is her hair flower.  I wrote “I miss Deysi”.
This art project is a good reminder that even if a loved one is no longer with us here their memories live on in many places.  Crosby is a smart, brave and loving boy that cares for his sister very much. I am proud of Crosby for sharing his feelings, asking questions and finding many ways to keep his sister’s spirit alive.

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Meet Crosby: Crosby is part of the Sibling Support Program at Friends of Karen and meets with our...