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Parent Tips for Halloween

Parent Tips for Halloween

For those who celebrate, Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids. 🎃👻 🍭

But what do you do when your child is missing out on the fun? Whether staying home is necessary for the immunocompromised, or an ill child is stuck in the hospital for treatment, this disappointing situation is common for many of our Friends of Karen families. All children deserve to  celebrate and enjoy the magic 🌟 of childhood. Friends of Karen Sibling Support Specialists strive to provide families with suggestions and interventions that are not only simple enough to execute, but designed with the unique needs of ill children and their siblings in mind. The Sibling Support Specialists want to empower the parents/guardians and special grown ups. Though we know that you are tired and stressed, there is no shortage of love for your kids. You are the secret to childhood magic.

Read below for some tips on how, with a bit of creativity and flexibility you can safely adapt Halloween celebrations.

🌟 If you are home 🏡 …

⭐️ Dress up! Consider dressing up with your children- they get a kick of grown ups being silly. There isn’t a lot they can choose- let them choose their own costume. Have a photo shoot. Do a funny TikTok dance together. 🎭 💃 🤡 🦸‍♂️  🦖

⭐️ Trick or treat in your home. Go from room to room. Play hide and seek trick or treat. Hide candy like Easter eggs. Have a scavenger hunt. 🍭

⭐️ Make Art! Carve, paint or decorate pumpkins. Decorate your home. Make special treats. Setting the environment and getting creative sets a vibe and is good for the soul. 🎨🎃

⭐️ Connect! Have a “snuggle party” = Comfy Pjs + Cozy blankets + 🍿 +  👻 🎥.🌟

If you are in the hospital 🏥…

⭐️Make friends with the Child Life Specialists and Art Therapists. They are great resources and most likely will have something going on or art/ craft materials available.

⭐ ️ Dress up- it can be elaborate or as simple as drawing silly eyebrows and mustaches with eyeliner, making paper crowns or a creating a crazy hairstyle.

⭐️ Be silly! Try out funny Snapchat filters ( no need to post), play a Halloween mad libs or look up corny knock knock jokes.

🌟If your child has limited mobility and/ or energy…

⭐️ Touch can be soothing and therapeutic. If safe to do so you can do their makeup or give them a hand massage. 💄💆‍♀️