“Hope is the one thing stronger than fear.”

“Hope…sometimes that is all you have when you have nothing else. If you have it, you have everything.”
Luke and Grace are our whole world. We would give up everything to keep them safe and happy. Throughout this journey we were petrified, worn down, angry, sad, lost, confused…but we never lost hope. How could you lose hope in the ONLY thing that matters in your life? When we left Philadelphia after Luke’s first transplant I knew in my heart that our battle was not over. My intuition does not usually lie and we spent the next several years in limbo. My heart is speaking differently to me this time and, fortunately, I have learned that the heart usually beats the truth. That being said, I never want to get too ahead of myself. Coinciding with this, was our last clinic appointment and the detailed analyzation of Luke’s numbers. Everything measured up to...“HE IS DOING GREAT!” That is all we heard…and really that is all we could understand. There are so many numbers!...and it does make sense when the team is explaining it…but then somehow I can never repeat it. The swagger in Luke’s step, the gentle smile and wink he gives the nurses all prove my little boy is back.
“God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”
“Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen.”
Luke, you will always be my brave little soldier and, yes,…you are a miracle!