Friends of Karen founder, Sheila Petersen's aim was to give families with seriously ill children "more time to love."

You can't imagine how life changes in an instant for these families when they hear their child is faced with a life-threatening illness. Their world is turned upside-down. The challenges they face create worry that weighs heavily on their hearts. Each day nothing is more important than "more time to love."

Each family relies on Friends of Karen to guide them through their child's devastating illness. Friends of Karen is here to provide the much needed emotional, financial and advocacy support to help each family stay strong, functioning and able to cope. This work that YOU are such a large part of is deeply connected to the true meaning of compassion for others.

Support Friends of Karen today and YOU can help these precious children and their families worry less and love more.

And what better way is there to honor a loved one than to make a gift in their name that supports the life-affirming work of Friends of Karen? Take this time to make a tribute gift to someone special. Thank you.