Share Your Wish was inspired by parents who saw a way to teach children about the virtues of generosity and selflessness. Share Your Wish enables parents to simultaneously reduce excessive and frivolous gift giving, support a healthier planet, promote social responsibility, and reward kids with better personalized gifts.

Share Your Wish helps you create an event page for your child’s birthday. You select up to 3 charities and a donation level (the percent of your guests’ gifts that will be shared with the charity). Your guests receive an invitation leading them to the event page, where they can RSVP and make a contribution. Once all the guests have replied, Share Your Wish divides the contributions between your child’s Gift Fund and the Donation Fund (based on your selected donation level). The Donation Fund is sent to the charity in your child’s name, and you use the Gift Fund to purchase items on (a partner with Share Your Wish) that you know your child will love.

For more information, visit Share Your Wish.