Today we celebrate the very special bond of support, friendship and love shared between siblings. Siblings are most often our very first friends, at times our rivals and sparring partners - but it is always a relationship  like none other. 
At Friends of Karen the sibling relationship is one very close to our hearts. While working with the ill children and their siblings we see firsthand the layered, multifaceted connection. We see the fierce loyalty and protectiveness. We see the compassion, jealousy,  the inside jokes and teasing, the joy and giggles. These children endure so much for those so young, yet they are forever inspiring us with their capacity for love. 
We honor the Friends of Karen siblings, the unsung heroes. We honor them for the many sacrifices they have made and the unwavering support they provide despite it all. For their strength, honesty and generosity. We honor you with the words from your own siblings. This is for you:
We love our siblings for…
Her weirdness and sense of humor
For finding ways to include me so I could still play
For treating me like a regular kid when nobody else did
For your determination
For the picture you drew me 
When we were apart
When I was sad and angry and lonely
The one i hung by my hospital bed
For braiding my hair
For teaching me tik tok
For reminding me that or hearts are always connected
For sharing and letting me have the red lollipop
For listening
We love our siblings for…
Forgiving me when I lose my temper
For playing with me when you come home from school
For holding a spot in your heart for me
For the hugs
For showing me tricks- snapping with two hands!
For being my match
For watching my favorite show with me 
And playing Hide and Seek
For letting me cry and making me laugh
For sharing your toys
We love our siblings for being our best friends