With Thanksgiving approaching, reflecting on gratitude is all around us: in schools, places of worship, our communities and in our own homes. The holidays can also be an especially draining and stressful time for many of the Friends of Karen families. One might think that gratitude may be hard to come by, but a family experiencing a life threatening illnesses will tell you that despite the challenges the experience can offer something else, something surprising; perspective.  Love and appreciation so often grows stronger with the struggle and these amazing families still recognize things and people that fill their hearts with thanks. As always the Friends of Karen children we work with inspire and teach us.
Please read their poem below- a collaboration of words from children across the counties and states we serve blended together in a sweet reminder of the season.
We are Thankful
We are Thankful for playing, baked mac n cheese and helping Mommy in the kitchen..
For our WHOLE FAMILY- we love our families so much-  brothers and sisters, mom and dad, Mommy and Daddy, grandma and grandpa, stepmoms and stepdads, cousins and aunts and uncles...
We are thankful for everyone who helps and all the things they have done for us...
We are thankful for our homes...
For art, pets, new puppies Richie and Blizzard, good friends and i Pads.
We are thankful for life.
For the doctors who helped us and the generous people who donate to Friends of Karen..
For my cousin Christian staying with me at my Grandmas house
And for cuphead, paw patrol, Minecraft and Frozen.
We are thankful for Halloween candy, glitter, slime and soccer balls...
For snow days and chocolate chip cookies, hugs and snuggles.
We are grateful and thankful for those we have alive with us and for the memories of those who we keep in our hearts
We are thankful for love, love, love.
By the Friends of Karen children, especially:
Amelia, Enyah, Cali, Johnny, Julie, Julianne, Nicholas, Sadie, Shania, Alexa, Alejandro and Dakotah