Art from our Friends

The art the children create is also a visual record of time. The present time feels especially significant and challenging to us all and the Friends of Karen siblings are no different, though undeniably unique in many ways. Some are recently bereaved, trying to make sense of their losses with grieving rituals that they find much changed with the restrictions that have come with the pandemic. Many are worried, sad and angry; sacrificing so much and carrying a weight far heavier than any child should bear. Yet along with those intense emotions, we see their bravery, expression and hope in abundance. The Sibling Support Specialists are privileged to have the children share so much with us through their art, writing and play - and they so generously share it in a gallery below. Please enjoy their beautiful, messy, soul baring, sometimes uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking record of this unprecedented time. It has helped them cope- we hope it helps you as well.