We believe it's important to create programs that support all family members.  We developed the SMART Bag to assist families in finding ways to communicate about complicated topics. 

"SMART" stands for "Siblings Making Art" -- but everyone in the family benefits.  It contains projects that provide a means for self-expression and a way for a family to respond to each other’s questions and concerns. Art provides a safe "container" for placing strong emotions, difficult questions, and confusing thoughts.

Families confirm that the SMART Bag offers a welcome opportunity for them to share, support one another, and grow closer as a family.

"It’s a creative tool that enables them to have more open, honest discussions," says Melinda Ferraraccio, a sibling support specialist. "It's especially helpful to siblings of the sick child, allowing them to feel heard, important and connected during their family's ordeal."

A grant from The Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation made our SMART Bag program possible.