We have been very lucky to go through this endeavor with Friends of Karen by our side. The emotional and financial support, as well as the general care and concern for Luke need to be highlighted. Luke's first transplant came after a tornado of hospital visits and countless episodes of horror. We did not have a place to turn. This experience has been very different. Friends of Karen has been with us behind the scenes since before we left. Rhonda [Friends of Karen social worker] has lent her loving ear and offered much vital advice as we prepared for our relocation and the experience that was coming our way. She has checked in with us numerous times to offer countless support and assistance. Melissa [Friends of Karen Child Life Specialist] has worked closely with Luke to best prepare him for the experience that would rattle his life. The advice she has given me, even at this moment, is still so valuable. Knowledge represents control and trust with Luke. I took this advice and tried to explain everything that was going to happen to him. I wanted him to understand and feel in control and inadvertently continue to trust me.

We have so many loving hearts to thank but I wanted to take a special moment to have Friends of Karen shine. The genuine love and support and guidance offered through this organization is amazing. We are not alone. We are blessed. We are part of the Friends of Karen family...what a perfect place to be!