"Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing."
When I asked Luke what he was thankful for he said "lots of cupcakes!" I giggled at his most perfect answer. That is exactly what every 5 year old (almost 6) little boy should be thankful for. I was not surprised when my sweet little Luke added on to his response, "I am thankful for you and Daddy and Grace... for helping me."
During this time of thanks I can’t help but think of the days not so long ago, I prayed for the things I have now.  I stare at each curl on top of Luke’s head and somehow they each represent victory. I can’t look back at the pictures, but my heart will never forget. This brings me to this important question...
What am I thankful for? EVERYTHING! I am thankful to God. God has held our hands and lifted us through every moment of fear.  God has answered our prayers and blessed us with so many miracles. I am thankful for my gifts ...Luke and Grace. I am thankful that Luke is a fighter and will live a healthy life. I am thankful for my mother. She is the strongest person I know. Her faith and strength have taught me so much and I would have never survived this without her. I am thankful for my Dad. I always knew he would take care of everything. He never left Luke’s side ...I know it! I am thankful for all of our family and friends who have given themselves to us when we needed them so desperately. The messages of hope, the cards, the gifts of kindness, the love for Luke and Grace and our family poured over us in so many ways. We even had a special angel here on earth with a heart of gold. I am thankful to my sister, Michele, for caring for Grace and giving her more love ... (and lots of cookies!) then she could have imagined. I am thankful to my sister, Patricia, for giving Luke the coziest and coolest Star Wars blanket. The doctors and nurses couldn’t stop talking about it and more importantly it brought him comfort so far from home. I am thankful to TLC our home away from home. I always knew Grace was in the best hands and Luke was shown loving hearts so he could feel just how much he was missed. I am thankful to Friends of Karen for all of the emotional and financial support. Rhonda had a magic way of making sense of everything.
Through the darkest moments shine the brightest lights. When I remember what we have been through I will remember the love and strength that powered over the hard days.
Luke continues to love kindergarten. He enjoys reading his books to us and impressing us with his new skills. He just finished his soccer season scoring a perfect goal in his last game. Luke is back in gymnastics at his request.  We are now gearing up for basketball. We are beginning to plan the party of the year... Luke’s birthday is December 30th and he has been waiting patiently since December 31st of last year for it to come around again.
Luke is now 8 months post-transplant.  He is down to two medicines and besides his eczema he doesn’t complain of anything. The doctors are happy and that is all we need to hear. We continue to go back to Philadelphia each month. We always pray and hope that Luke’s blood results give us the answers we need.
Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day. A baby is a kiss blown by the hand of God. God has blown us a kiss. We have one more miracle to thank God for...a beautiful baby girl coming June 6th that will fill our hearts with so much love. What am I thankful for? Yes ...EVERYTHING!