"There are no words that can describe Friends of Karen. They are just incredible."
"I am forever grateful to Friends of Karen for the huge amount of love and support they provided."
“Friends of Karen was our lifeline when our son was ill."
"Without Friends of Karen I truly don’t know how we would have gotten through it all.”
"Our son's journey was difficult, and Friends of Karen was there for us the entire way."
"Friends of Karen was our guardian angel."

A Visit with a Friends of Karen Family

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We were a "normal" family with 5 "normal" kids and the "normal" stresses and worries. Then in May, our eldest was diagnosed with a brain tumor. "Normal" quickly left our vocabulary.

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Family Album

What Inspires Your "Journey of the Heart"?

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Each rider pedaling off at the start of our "Journey of the Heart" on September 26 has a personal goal in mind. But they all have a similar inspiration.

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