The Adina’s Angels Fund

The Adina’s Angels Fund

How do you go on after the unimaginable happens?  In February 2010, Paula Berkowitz’s husband died of non-smoker’s lung cancer.  A few months later, her son Justin died unexpectedly.  Just two weeks after that, her 17-year-old daughter Adina lost a four-year battle with leukemia. 

Paula, Justin & Adina

Most people would be consumed by their own pain – but not Paula.  She was determined to make something good come out of all this.  Friends of Karen had helped the family throughout their ordeal, and so Paula founded the Adina’s Angels Fund to “give back” to Friends of Karen.  It has raised just over $500,000 so far to support Friends of Karen’s services for families caring for a child with cancer or another life-threatening illness.  It particularly strengthens support for siblings coping with their brother’s or sister’s illness.

For information about the annual event to support the Adina’s Angels Fund, contact Gwen Salmo at 914-617-4051 or email