Meet Our Team


We are fortunate to have a Board of Directors that is committed to our mission and provides thoughtful guidance to achieve it. Comprised of innovative, forward-thinking leaders from fields including finance, construction, the law, education, and health, our Board helps ensure that Friends of Karen is able to meet its goals and objectives.


Richard Sgaglio, President
Laura Salerno Evans, Vice President
Tom Jocelyn, Treasurer
Pam Hervey, Secretary
Paul Smadbeck, Immediate Past President


J Durst
Beth Leventhal
David Rosenberg
Arnold Ursaner
Sharon Weiner


Francisco Barrenechea
Steven Connolly
Dr. Gina Lodolini
Arlene del Mundo
Jonathan Malawer
Louis Meltzer
Mike Nieves
Dr. Sarah Norris
Evan Schreiber

Steven Swirsky


Our staff is made up of experienced social workers, child life specialists, creative arts therapists, skilled finance, administrative and development professionals drawn from diverse career pathways. Friends of Karen was founded out of the kindness of one friend for another. Compassion for our Friends of Karen families is what continues to bind us together to bring them hope and help.