Every child looks forward to the holidays...

but when parents are struggling to care for a child battling cancer or another life-threatening illness, there’s no time for shopping or even thinking about gifts.

You can make sure our children get to celebrate the holidays by taking part in our Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program.

Here’s how it works:

We ask parents to send us their children’s wish lists. Then we match a caring person like you with a child or children, and you “adopt” them by fufilling their wish list. We do this for our ill children as well as their siblings.

You can choose to buy one gift for one child or several gifts for several children – it’s entirely up to you.

We also include gift-wrapping materials when we send your gift(s) to the child’s family. We welcome donations of gift wrap, tape, bows and holiday candy.

What’s the next step?

Click here to Fill out the attached form and return it to us by November 21:

  • By mail – use the enclosed envelope
  • By email – scan and send it to denisetredwell@friendsofkaren.org
  • In person – at our office at
    118 Titicus Road,North Salem, NY 10560
  • Or call Denise Tredwell at (914) 617-4052

Once we have your form, we’ll call or email you with the name, age and Wish List of your Friends of Karen child/children and a delivery deadline for your gifts.

Go shopping!

If you order online and ship directly to us, please include a gift message with your full name so we know who sent the gift. Please make sure to attach an activation receipt to any gift card you purchase.

Mail or drop off your gifts along with the enclosed Gift Inventory Sheet as soon as possible. (Keep your gift receipts for your tax records.)

Please remember you are making a meaningful commitment to provide gifts for your Friends of Karen child/children. If you cannot find the specific item on their wish list, please call us immediately.

To donate online...