Volunteer Advisory Boards

Friends of Karen currently has 3 Volunteer Advisory Boards.

  • Long Island Advisory Board
  • New York City Advisory Board
  • Junior Advisory Board

These Advisory Board members serve as strategic thought leaders, collaborators, networkers, and catalysts to help Friends of Karen establish an identity and recognized presence in will advance its mission, program, and development goals.

Key responsibilities:

  • Embrace Friends of Karen’s mission and program
  • Provide objective, constructive input and advice
  • Lend professional expertise and experience to Friends of Karen
  • Advocate for the organization
  • Contribute to Friends of Karen’s financial development by introducing others to the organization’s important work
  • Network in the business and civic community and identify new resources for Friends of Karen
  • Support Friends of Karen special events and other activities to the fullest extent possible

Time Commitment:

  • The NYC & LI advisory boards meet four times a year – held quarterly via zoom or in person
  • The Jr. Advisory Board Meets Monthly via zoom

For more information about joining one of our Advisory Boards, please contact Leslie Bellissimo at 631-473-1768 ext 904 or email her at  lesliebellissimo@friendsofkaren.org