Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Why Riding is so Rewarding

Why Riding is so Rewarding

“I have supported Friends of Karen by riding in the Journey of the Heart Bike Tour since 2013. I ride for the children, their families, and for me.

Obviously, the children and their families need all the support they can get. They are dealing with life-threatening illnesses that tear at the very fabric of their family life. Every year, we are fortunate enough to hear firsthand from a family member of a Friends of Karen child speak at our dinners during the ride. They describe the trauma of being in that situation and the lifeline that Friends of Karen provides.

They receive support for the siblings, school supplies, medical payments, and social work for the families. They make coping with this awful situation palatable. For me, I feel it is my duty to give back, to do something that truly matters. My reward, and it is truly a gift I give myself, is that I know I am making a difference. Also, the camaraderie that all participants share is unlike any other feeling I have ever felt. That feeling has not diminished in all the years that I have ridden for Friends of Karen. I ride because I can and because I could not dream of missing the experience. Join us and see for yourselves!!!”

– Richard Feldman