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Summer Fun – Tips for Parents 2024

Summer Fun – Tips for Parents 2024

When the school year ends, a large portion of our day that had been structured activity is now open. Siblings of ill children are kept engaged at school so they typically do not have to go to doctor appointments or stay long hours at the clinic with their ill brother or sister. But when school ends, parents may feel more pressure to maintain some structure and provide activities to engage siblings. At the same time, ill children may feel more left out if they can’t enjoy BBQs or camp programs because they are more susceptible to becoming sick. Therefore, we need activities that provide structure and allow ill children and siblings to enjoy them together.

Summer Camps

There are a variety of summer camps for children that are ill and their siblings. They provide medical staff and are flexible with enrollment, knowing things can change daily with someone that is ill. Some are day camps and provide daily transportation. Some are week-long overnight camps, for children and parents. Camps are a great form of structure and connect kids that are in a similar situation. All are free. Check out their websites.

Camp Sunrise – Day Camp June 27 to August 15
Ages 3 ½ to 16
Pearl River NY, Long Island NY, Staten Island NY 

The Hole in the Wall Gang – Day Camp, Sleep Away and Retreats
All ages and families
Ashford ,CT

Camp Adventure – Sleepaway August 19 to 25
Ages 6-18
Shelter Island, NY

Camp Rising Sun- Week long sleep away camp August 19 to 23
Ages 5-15
Colebrook, CT

Community Resources

Your town has resources that are made for you to enjoy. These are great opportunities for siblings to have fun together or in small groups.

Libraries- have a variety or free programs and also have Free Museum Passes for the entire family to visit aquariums, museums and national landmarks.

Urban Park Rangers and State Parks – provide recreational activities for families including hikes and wildlife management.

Family Fun Nights

Keeping social distance and staying off the tablets. Find ways for the entire family to enjoy each other’s company with these suggested at-home activities.

Cooking Contest Night – Choose 3 random ingredients and each family member must include each in their dish. Rate each dish and choose an ultimate chef.

Sidewalk Chalk Painting – Use old sidewalk chalk, crumble it up, place it in muffin tins, add water and you have sidewalk chalk paint. Paint on driveways and sidewalks.

Camp Out at Home – Take a tent or pitch some sheets up in the backyard or in the living room.  Break out the flashlights and a book with silly scary stories to share.  Don’t forget the snacks!

Photo Shoot – Be a little silly and play dress up. Hair, makeup, old Halloween costumes…  Have kids dress adults and adults dress the kids. Be sure to take photos!