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Summer Fun, Tips for Parents

Summer Fun, Tips for Parents

Yasir, Yusra, MuhammadAs we near the end of school and transition into summer, shifting schedules and routines can sometimes feel overwhelming.  The end of the school year is often very busy; add in treatment, the hospital, and clinic, and there can be a feeling of exhaustion for both children and parents.

Here are a few tips and tricks for a smooth transition into a fun summer…

  • Take a break from scheduling if possible.  For the first few days or week, allow the kids to sleep in and relax, and do a lot of nothing.  This helps them to unwind without having to be on a strict schedule
  • Go through their backpacks and school work and get rid of unnecessary papers and workbooks
  • Have a fun day trying on clothes to see what still fits and what is ready to be used by another
  • If your child is actively in treatment, speak to the medical team about what activities and camps they are able to participate in.
    • Check with your social worker for camps in your area that fit your family’s needs
    • Don’t forget to ask about transportation
  • Vacation (when possible) can feel very normalizing for children undergoing treatment.  Check with your medical team before planning. Even a night away can feel very special.
  • Stock up on summer essentials like sunscreen and hats
  • Kids thrive with routines, so a monthly family calendar with activities, camps, and appointments can help them prepare for each day and week
  • Check with your local library or Barnes and Noble for a summer reading program
  • Create a summer wish list

Have a fun and safe summer!