Friends of Karen depends on donations from individuals, foundations, community organizations and businesses. Please become part of our lifeline of direct support to families living through a devastating, life-changing experience – having for a child with a life-threatening illness.

Please review the MAKE A DONATION page that describes the various ways you can contribute to Friends of Karen.


How Your Gift Helps


Helps a family pay for costly medical bills and equipment, hospital and lab fees, medicines, and special treatments.

$2,500 Keeps a family secure in their home by paying utility bills and mortgage/rent for a month.

Enables a Sibling Support Specialist to help sibings cope with their sister's or brother's illness and the changes in their home life.


Helps cover transportation costs to ensure that an ill child can get to medical treatment, including expensive parking fees at the hospital/clinic, gas and/or public transportation.

$250 Pays for childcare to keep siblings safe while parents are with their hospitalized child.
$100 Provides a supermarket gift card to ensure parents can put nutritious food on the table for a week.


"Friends of Karen is remarkable at helping parents and siblings be by their loved one's side instead of worrying about the everyday mundane things."   The Lopez Family

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Contributions to Friends of Karen are tax-exempt to the full extent allowed by law.