Basic family needs such as food, housing and utilities are among the many financial strains a family endures when having a critically-ill child.  
No family should choose between paying for their ill child’s medical care and putting nutritious food on the table.  
Truth is, whether it is childhood cancer or another life-threatening illness, chemotherapy, radiation, and other forms of medication negatively impact a child’s ability to process and store nutrients.  Knowing how compromised an ill child’s immune system can be – it is even more important that families have the resources to feed their children and family a healthy diet.
Please help Feed A Family and give them the security to access the healthy food they need to sustain their family.  
Choose how you’d like to help!
  • A gift of $100 will help feed a family of 4. You can make a donation online now. (Click here)
  • Donate gift cards for ShopRite, Stop&Shop, Key Food, Target, Amazon, Visa or MasterCard to Friends of Karen to distribute to our families.  You can mail or drop off gift cards to Friends of Karen.
Thank you so much for helping feed-a-family.
Please mail or drop off gift cards to:
Friends of Karen, Attention: Denise Tredwell, 118 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560