March is National Social Work Month. Friends of Karen social workers tirelessly commit their time and energy to help critically ill children and their families by easing the social, emotional and financial stresses of a health crisis. The work they do to improve the lives of our families opens doors to a renewed hope for a brighter future during the most difficult of times.
We are grateful to our dedicated Friends of Karen social workers for their compassionate and selfless service. Stay tuned to our website and social media accounts all month long when we will recognize, honor and celebrate our incredible team. Shout out to all social workers nationwide.
How does your work as a social worker at Friends of Karen break barriers to care?”

Family Support Team

Social Work Month - Rhonda

At FOK, we provide free access to licensed professionals who are trained and skilled in providing excellent emotional support to families living with a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Social Work Month - Marla

As a social worker, I have tried to be more accessible to parents and children and have made more practical suggestions about how to cope with this overload of stress and anxiety. I continue to create more ways to support and encourage families to survive the days and to support them in their decisions about treatment, finances and family.

Social Work Month - Jackie

Being a bilingual social worker helps break barriers to care to the non-English speaking families as they open up more when they hear you speak their language as it makes them feel comfortable.

Social Work Month - Natalia

We break barriers by ensuring that every family that reaches out for assistance is helped based on their present needs following the diagnosis.

Social Work Month - Beth

We break barriers because we care about families, children, siblings, grandparents, cousins, Aunt, uncles, friends, and community.  Our mission bre